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I am a New York based performer, who was born and raised in the great state of Texas. Even as a child, I was enamored by the idea of a life on the stage. Luckily, my parents had the foresight to harness my performer's energy and enroll me into dance classes at a young age. From there, my passion only grew. Twenty-something years later, I now hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from Indiana University, where I graduated with High Distinction. I am forever grateful for my family, for all of their love and support- because of them, I get to follow my dreams. 

When I'm not indulging in my first love, theatre, I'm enjoying quality time with friends, catching up with a good book, or playing around with make up. I also love to travel. One of my favorite places that I've visited is Scotland. My family has strong ancestral roots there, so it was really exciting to delve deeper into that. I loved it so much that I've actually taken up learning Scottish Gaelic. Tha e cho inntinneach! (It is so interesting!) 

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